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The Visitation Project

As an artist working in 3D mixed media, environment and location are especially integral elements in how the work is perceived. The work can seem to take on various personas, emotions and inferences depending not only on its surrounds but on the viewer's history, mood and experiences, as well.

These last several months, with three solo exhibitions cancelled due to the Pandemic, resulting in the inability to have the work realized in gallery settings, taught me, to an even greater degree, the value of physically installing the work and its relationship to a space and its viewers. It is with these restrictions and restraints that The Visitation Project has been realized. Visiting my son and his girlfriend, while in the midst of home renovations, I took a pic of their dining room with peeled wallpaper on the floor and photoshopped one of my works; “Looming”, into the space. I am especially intrigued, in this one, with the contrasts of suburban life, the beautiful pool just beyond the window and the soon to be replaced 70’s chandelier juxtaposed with this other worldly object; “Looming”.

It’s here that I imagined acquiring images of other spaces to photoshop my work into. Places my work could visit. Although it’s my on-going intention to exhibit the work in a variety of physical spaces, including galleries, in real time, my intention for The Visitation Project is to realize – via photoshop - my work in various settings through images sent to me by invited artists to be part of this project.

The documentation will become an online exhibition and prints may be incorporated into future physical exhibitions in various ways. The artists will be attributed in all social media and will receive a print of the final work(s) I’ve created utilizing their image(s).

Invited artists and those seeking to participate are asked to send a high res image(s) – as high as possible; no less than 1.5 MB – of an interesting, mundane, beautiful or ugly space – anywhere at all, a room, a studio, a restaurant, a field, an alley, a cave, a street, a bathroom, the sky, ocean, a park, a hallway etc. etc, that piques their interest.

Send options:
*One per email to
*WeTransfer to
*Dropbox to with the Can Edit option
*Email me to let me know you will be sending images via Dropbox and I will give you access to my folder

Please complete and return the info / consent form to consent form pdf  or consent form doc  or consent form docx

To see where I am so far with the project at The Visitation Project.

Thank you,
Bonny Leibowitz